Net Zero Wales Carbon Budget Summaries
Part 3b - Reducing Emissions - Transport

Notes on the Presentation

Slide 2: The big story is that emissions from road vehicles have hardly declined at all because improvements in the energy efficiency of petrol and diesel engines have been all but wiped out due to the increase in vehicle usage and the increase in the size of vehicles. Traffic growth of 45% in 26 years drives the demand to build more roads.

Slide 3: The 2019 figure is equivalent to 10,186 vehicle kilometres per person (6,329 miles) per year.
How will WG get us out of our cars?  Rail infrastructure improvements (electrification etc) is not devolved.

Slide 4: These are the targets we can hold WG to.

Slide 5: WG’s transport policies are quite ambitious. The first act of the new administration was to cancel the proposed new motorway around Newport. All road schemes are now paused, causing much outrage in some quarters. WG will propose, but cannot enact, a road user charge.

Slide 6: How many of these have you done/could you do?

Slide 7: There are many things WG needs the UK Government to do, especially around rail infrastructure. Unfortunately, WG has just invested in a whole new fleet of diesel trains which cannot be converted later to electric traction. How many of these have you done/could you do?