Net Zero Wales Carbon Budget Summaries
Part 3a - Reducing Emissions - Energy Generation

Notes on the Presentation

Slide 2: The big story is that Wales exports more electricity to England than it consumes itself. The emissions come with it. Electricity from renewables is about 25% of the total, half of this from wind.

The rest is hydro, solar, biomass. Since 2005, electrical energy consumption is Wales has fallen by 17% (Power Down). In terms of LA areas, Powys is the second biggest generator from renewables (Neath Port Talbot is the first).

Slide 3: In the short term, decarbonising fossil fuel power stations; in the longer term, replacing them with renewables. Huge increase in storage needed. Reduce demand – but switch to electric vehicles will increase it.

Slide 4: These are the targets we can hold WG to.

Slide 5: How many of these have you done/could you do?

Slide 6: The important thing is that Wales does not want to leave investment in renewables to the market, it wants a planned approach, with Government investment in energy infrastructure

like a Wales gas and electricity grid. However, no targets here for investment in offshore or onshore wind or other renewables as Wales doesn’t have the powers for this. Likewise, UK Government have proposed a new nuclear power station at Wylfa which WG doesn’t want

Slide 7: There are many things WG needs the UK Government to do. Alternatively, energy policy could be devolved to Wales