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Grants and financial support

There are no longer many grants available for helping you to improve your property. The support available in Powys at present is:

Renewable Heat Incentive

This is a scheme that has been running for several years, but that will end in March 2022.

This supports the installation of heat pumps, biomass boilers, solar hot water sustems and other sources of renewable heat. If you make a qualifying domestic installation, you would receive a quarterly payment over the next 7 years, the amount would depend on what equipment you installed and how much heat you would use according to the calculation made in the EPC.

These payments would roughly cover the cost of installation of the equipment, leaving you with just the running costs to cover.

More information form the OFGEM website on

Heat pump grants

The government has announced that when the RHI scheme is terminated next year, it will be replaced by a simple grant payment for the installation of heat pumps. The suggested amount is £5,000 for an air sourced heat pump, and £6,000 for a ground source heat pump. Full details of the scheme have not been published yet.

Zero Interest loans

More details from interest loans for energy improvements to your home are available from the Robert Owen Community Banking Fund (ROCBF). ROCBF administer these on behalf of Powys County Council. Loans are repaid over 5 years, and can be up to £10,000.

More information from ROCBF zero interest loan

NEST and Warm Wales

If you are on a low income, you can get support from NEST and Warm Wales.

NEST is a Welsh Government scheme to upgrade inefficient private housing and private rented housing. Warm Wales is a similar scheme, funded by ECO (the levy that energy companies have to pay to fund fuel poverty alleviation) and is administered through the local authority.

The are means tested , but the thresholds are not that low. You may qualify if your household income is below £20,000 or £16,000 after payment of any mortgage)

More information and