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Household Environmental Surveys

Climate Action Newtown will release the following household environmental footprint surveys between now and the end of April 2023.

If you don’t yet have and account, or are not sure how to login to your account please see CAN Account Instructions.

  1. General Household Survey Form
    • Collects information about your home, including insulation and the types of energy/fuel you use for heating, etc.
    • This survey will provide the foundation on which all the following surveys are based.
    • It must be completed once on joining the survey.
    • If you move house or if household details change, it should be completed again to provide revised information..
    • Note: It will not collect information about the actual amount of energy used as that is covered by the second survey (see below).
  2. Household Energy Usage Survey (planned release date: 3rd April 2023)
    • Collects information about your household’s energy purchased and/or consumed over a period of time (e.g. a month, or a quarter year).
    • It will only ask you about the use of the energy/fuel types you use (as recorded in your response to the general household survey).
    • It will give you an estimate of the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, based on the figures you provide for fuels used and scientifically accredited figures for each fuel type.
  3. Transport Survey  (planned release date: 19th April 2023)
    • Will collect information about the methods of transport members that you and other members of your household use.
    • It will give you an estimate of the carbon footprint of your household’s transport, based on the best available scientific estimates related to different modes of transport.
    • It may also suggest possible changes that might reduce the environmental impact of your transport. 
  4. Food Survey  (planned release date: 30th April 2023)
    • Will collect information about types of food purchased and consumed by members of your household
    • It will give you an estimate of the environmental impact of your household’s food consumption, and may suggest possible changes you might consider making.
  5. Waste Reduction, Recycling, Repair & Reuse  (planned release date: 31st May 2023)
    • Will collect information about the amounts of waste your household generates and the extent to which you currently make use of available local options for recycling, repair and reuse.
    • Where appropriate, it will offer advice on ways to reduce purchases that contribute to waste as well as making better use of local services that support recycling, repair and reuse.