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Electric Car Club

Electric Car Club

Newtown now has a car club giving anyone access to an electric car to use. See below for how it works.

Newtown’s Car Club is managed under the Llani car club. To use Newtown Car Club’s electric car, contact Llani car club via the Llani car club facebook page.

Pay £20 (annual) membership fee plus £150 (refundable) deposit.
Have an easy induction with our Local Coordinator.
The costs for using the car are:


      £3 per hour for the first 4 hours
      £2 per hour for the next 4 hours and
      £1 per hour thereafter (capped at £24 per day)

      +25p per mile for the first 150 miles of your booking, 10p per mile thereafter.

For each of the first 4 hours of your booking you get 10 miles included in the cost.

For example, if you drive 100 miles and have the car for 9 hours you will be charged £37;

Time: (4 x £3) + (4 x £2) + (1 x £1) = £21.
Miles: 100 – (4 x 10 inclusive miles) x 0.25 = £15.
The total is £21 + £15 = £37.

The £150 refundable deposit limits your liability to a maximum of £150
if you have an at fault accident or cause damage to the car or damage or
lose the key.
Bills are sent out monthly.