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Newtown Area

Hire an Electric Bike - FREE for 4 weeks

Fix or Buy a Bike

  • Newtown has a community bike workshop called Bike to the Future"
  • For more information visit the Bike To The Future website

Join Led Cycle Rides

Powys Including Newtown

Save Money on a New Bike

  • You may be able to save money by buying a bike using the salary sacrifice scheme. This reduces the cost of a new bike by reducing the tax you pay.

Newtown Area


  • >Walking Newtown is a local organisation that provides ...
    • A range of FREE leisure walk routes
      • Get to known the area around Newtown better by walking more.
      • Go to the Walking Newtown webpage to choose and download a route.
    • Led Walks during Newtown Outdoor Festival
      • This year's festival runs for three days from Friday 2nd June to Sunday 4th June 2023.
      • Learn more about Walking Newtown activities by following Walking Newtown on Facebook.
  • Other Led Walks in and Around Newtown
    • Led walks are also available at other times and can help you to learn new routes around the Newtown area.
    • Joining a led walk will give you more confidence to explore on your own.

Powys Including Newtown

Led Walks

Powys Including Newtown

Travel by Train

Make More Use of Local Bus Services

Powys Including Newtown

TripTo Car Club

  • A cheaper, greener car option.
    • Pay as you move – smoothly – in an electric car or van.
  • TripTo is a not-for-profit organisation with Electric Vehicle available for short term use in:
    • Newtown
    • Machynlleth; and
    • Llanidloes
  • See TripTo prices and related information

Car Sharing

  • Use Liftshare or another similar service to:
    • Offer lifts
    • Ask for lifts; or
    • Arrange lift shares